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Le Musée du Louvre 

34, quai du Louvre 75001

With its rich collection of artefacts ranging from Oriental and Egyptian antiquities to European and modern paintings, the Musée Louvre, located between the famous Rue de Rivoli and the Place de la Concorde, is one of the world’s biggest museums.


28, boulevard Bonne Nouvelle 75009

The Paris Chocolate Museum dips its visitors into some 4000 years of the history of cocoa, from Mayan times to present.

Musée Grévin 

10, boulevard Montmartre 75009 Paris

Opened in 1882, the Musée Grévin houses some 300 wax reproductions of world celebrities, from Einstein to Michael Jackson.

Le Grand Rex

1, boulevard Poissonnière 75009

Housing a cinema and a concert hall, Le Grand Rex is Europe’s biggest movie theatre. Listed as an historical monument since 1932, it is open for visiting, allowing the public to explore it from behind the scenes.

Musée de Montmartre

12 rue Cortot 75009

Dating from 1886, the Musée de Montmartre offers an insight into Montmartre’s history and artistic heritage. Featuring paintings, documents, posters and furnishings, the museum’s collection is continually expanding.

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