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Boulevard Haussmann 


One of Paris’ Grand Boulevards measuring some 2530 metres, it stretches from the intersection of Boulevard des Italiens and Boulevard Montmartre to Avenue de Friedland. Going through the 8th and the 9th districts, it is bustling with tourists and locals and full of shops. It is also where many French banks’ headquarters are located.


Galeries Lafayette

40, boulevard Haussmann 75009

Just steps to the Garnier Opera Theatre, Les Galeries Lafayette department stores are set right on the Haussmann Boulevard. Synonymous to today’s French fashion and luxury, they house a great number of famous brand stores and offer a whole range of services (a VIP entrance, special guest reception, personal shopping assistance, art gallery, various restaurants, etc.)


Rue Saint Honoré


With its many iconic haute-couture fashion, luxury leather goods and jewellery brands’ stores, La Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré is a great place for some Paris-style shopping.

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